Cuba Mission Partners: San Pablo, Holguin

Members of our congregation have been involved with the Cuba Mission Partnerships since 2012. The parish of Holy Cross sponsors The Rev. Walter Gozalas and our Rector Barclay & Mary Mayo sponsor the Rev. Ramiro Godzales.  The average Cuban Family income is about $36 can/mo. As things open up, commodities become more expensive, but incomes are not rising at the same rate. Both partners in many families have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to survive.  In many parts of the community there are also issues with access to clean water.  Our Canadian and US sponsorships provide clean water and sufficient food and medicines to keep the pastors and their families healthy and able to continue to minister.  The Cuban Mission is also now looking at the provision of community water filtration systems and making sponsored med packs available to local doctors.  They have a great medical system, but few drugs. 

The Rev. Ramiro Godalez Mendoza
The Rev. Ramiro Godalez Mendoza

Ramiro and his Wife Eva minister Nueva Renancer church in el Cayo de Maybe district of Holguin

Malin & Walter Serrano Gonzalas, their daughters Anna-Claudia and Elizabeth, with Claudia Dorrington in the San Pablo, Holguin Church!

The Bishop's Assistant Nuno Sanchez demonstrating the use of one of the family water filters.

Mission Trip Opportunities

Each Year our Pastor Barclay leads 5-7 interested individuals on a mission trip to Cuba to see what the needs are and to begin to build relationships with one of the Lay Pastors, Deacons or Priests and their families.  If you think this might be something you would be interested in, please give him a call at 604-815-8309.