Synod 2020 Report

Thank you for allowing me to represent Church of the Holy Cross at this years meeting of Synod, the first by electronic means. We were able to attend from all across our vast country from the comfort of our own homes. We sang along with a variety of musicians, some with their children. We started each day with Midday Prayer although for us in the West it was midmorning, and for those in Newfoundland it was later afternoon, and for our attendees in England it was evening. It really brought home the far reaches of our diocese.

Bishop Charlie gave us the Bishops Charge from his kitchen. His main points he wanted us to consider were: i) Give Thanks to God, ii) Press On and iii) God will Do It. He gave the history of ANIC, starting with 2 Bishops, 2 Priests, 2 Deacons, and 2 Congregations to what we have grown to today. He was particularly thankful for the lives of those who have been foundational in the building of ANIC who have passed on to glory, including Bishop Terry Buckle and Dr. J.I. Packer. He also praised God for the number of young people ordained to the priesthood in ANIC, and the bible based schools of theology that prepared them. He announced four new Canons, including our own priest Barclay Mayo. He wrapped up by being thankful for our bishops.

For business on Day 1, we heard about the nomination of 4 clergy and 4 lay persons to be elected the following day, the timeline for the election of new bishops when Bishop Charlie and Bishop Trevor retire, and the Auditors report. ANIC was given a clean bill of financial health, and the new budget was voted in. Bishop Steven showed a beautiful video presenting the work of the Mission to new immigrants to Canada.

On Day 2, we elected in the new Diocesan Council. The successful clergy were The Rev. Rob Stringer, The Rev. Anson Ann & The Rev. Jane Manary.  The upcoming lay representatives are Sue Talmey, Ed Lewis & Andrea Soberg. A major item of business was a change to the Diocesan Canons in two areas: the calculating of Average Service Attendance of each congregation, and some changes around the elections of new Bishops. These were presented in one motion. An amendment was proposed concerning that the initial motion proposed in the event of a stalemate, the House of Bishops could appoint the successor. The amendment deleted this. It was defeated. Another amendment was presented allowing the election of a bishop by electron means should this again be necessary. It was passed, and the initial motion of changes to the Canons was approved.

We heard a report on the work of Bishop Trevor Walters, the Church Plant Report, Anglican Explorers headed up by Bishop Ron Ferris, and the Harvest Task Force by Rev. Mike Stewart.

That concluded the 2020 Synod. It was a pleasure to be amongst like minded people who love and serve the Lord, and seek his will based on Scripture. Thank you again for this opportunity. 

Kirstie Glasgow

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