Virtual Sunday School

Welcome to our Virtual Sunday School!

Sadly, we cannot meet face-to-face for our Sunday School time just now. But here you will find lessons and resources for families to use to create their own home-based time for learning and worship together. You will find downloadable materials and links to audio and video resources that will provide your family with the tools that you need for your own Sunday (or any day) Christian learning time.

Note to parents and caregivers: 

You will find with each learning module a number of resources, including videos and music to share. There will also be a lesson plan that you can download. Each lesson plan provides

1. the theme of the lesson, 

2. background materials to help you understand the story that you will be sharing with your family,

3. an outline for a brief family worship time,

4. some discussion questions, and 

5. activity pages.

As the angels said to the shepherds: 'Do not be afraid!' Enjoy your time learning and worshipping together as a family.

Questions? Need help? Contact Lisa at

Easter Sunday

Jesus is risen! Alleluia!

On Easter Sunday we celebrate Jesus' defeat of sin and death as He rises from the dead. But Easter isn't only one day in the calendar - it is a season in our Church Year during which we continue to celebrate God's love for us.

The lesson file this week is quite big and includes a variety of activities for Easter Sunday and throughout the Easter season.

There are a couple videos to watch. The first one tells the whole story of Jesus' death and resurrection - we can't understand the one without the other, and it makes a whole story. The second one is the same story, but told by children themselves and provides insights into the very personal responses of children to the Easter story.

And finally.... some music. Carolyn's song 'This is What Love Looks Like' sums up the whole of the Easter story - from the cross to the empty tomb.

The Empty Tomb

As we celebrate the Second Sunday in the season of Easter, we look again at the empty tomb and what it means to our lives and our faith.

Watch again the Easter videos to experience the amazing story of Easter - the sadness and confusion of Jesus' friends which turned into joy when they discovered the empty tomb.

Carolyn Arends' song, 'According to Plan', reminds us that it was all part of God's Plan - and that God is always in control: 'I am convinced we get one guarantee; there's no situation that God can't redeem.'

The Road to Emmaus

Since Easter Sunday we have seen an empty tomb, but we have not yet seen Jesus. Jesus' friends were confused and distressed - they didn't understand what had been going on for the past few days. Everything had changed, and all their expectations had been overturned.

Now we hear about an important conversation that took place on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Two friends have left the city, bewildered by what has happened and unsure of what to do next. But what seems like a chance encounter with a stranger becomes an illuminating teaching moment as the 'stranger' explains to them what God's Plan is all about!

Jesus Appears to His Friends

Jesus' friends and followers were frightened and bewildered that first Easter Sunday. They were confused by the events of the preceding week, and now they kept hearing stories that the tomb was empty and Jesus' body was gone.  They didn't know what to believe - until they saw Jesus himself appear!

This story is about belief: what we believe, why we believe it, and how we know that it is true. Although it seems that Jesus' friends didn't believe until they actually saw Jesus - with the wounds from the nails in his hands and feet - it is in fact the power of the Holy Spirit that opens their eyes, just as it did for Cleopas and his friend. The disciples ultimately believe the truth because the Scripture explains it and the Holy Spirit enables it.

Jesus Ascends to Heaven

Jesus' friends and followers were happy and amazed that Jesus had conquered death and returned to life. For 40 days, Jesus met with his friends and taught them what his life and death meant by explaining the God's Great Plan for us and our world. But finally it was time to say good-bye as Jesus returns to be with his heavenly Father. But Jesus isn't leaving us alone - he promises to send a very special helper.